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Why does this legal publicity and advertising on various platforms reveal that they will fight for you in terms of civil rights, and then, when you seem to have taken away those violated rights, do they make you understand that you do not have the opportunity to do so? I reported a case with Scorpio on February 10, To date, countless calls made, no one has bothered to answer. South Africans should be aware that Scorpion Legal Scarmer are My Complaint Reference Number: [protected] Since there are many types of law firms that deal with different legal issues, it is important to have a digital advertising presence for your business. Digital advertising is the banners, ads, landing pages, pop-ups, and social media ads that people see on a regular basis. I visited on the 13th. October has registered a case and still has not received any feedback, I have not contacted a lawyer to hear my case. Geez! What`s the point of having legal protection if you don`t have one? I desperately need a lawyer to manage my case while I pay for services. I am indeed very disappointed – are you lawyers? Politics 4014770 bad, bad service. I filed a complaint with them over a month ago. Finally, I got a call saying they would help me because the person helping me said she would leave and when she came back, she would help me. Well, she came back from vacation and I had to call and call several times. She emailed my documentation to the wrong email address. How is this possible, since every time you make a call, they ask so many security questions that include an email address for verification purposes.

I spoke to this person again to ask for documentation and gave my correct email address again, but I still haven`t received an email. Poor service too to say the least. SEO marketing efforts are used to build awareness of your business, build authority and trust, and bring more potential customers to your website, which increases traffic. Providing content on your page that answers questions people may have about legal issues is a sure way to trigger keyword optimization and potential opportunities for feature snippets on Google. I bought a car and still haven`t hung the car to this day, but the payment came from a 3rd party and now, after a few months of dealing with the case, I have been told that my policy does not cover me? How do I participate in a policy A, but the user interface is not supported due to a third-party payment? Even though proof of everything has been presented, I can`t get any help and therefore financial losses I pay my monthly payment every month for what – I tajplaisant even more as the service is poor and so is agent Alicia Maharaj. I`ve been busy for months and the same reason I had at the beginning is the same reason why no legal coverage! Why do I have to pay if you don`t protect us My case is a scam case with UIF money, Scorpion wrote wedding invitation emails to my boss and claimed they wrote an email, when I read these emails they were too irrelevant. They badly begged the boss to pay me as soon as the case was opened in November 2020, now nothing changes in August 2021 instead of facing the criminals of my company who decided to join them. Speaking on behalf of the criminal as a law firm is a red flag. I decided to take the case to former judge Johan Coenraad Froneman and he will show Scorpion how it goes in the legal department. In October 2020, I requested legal intervention against Edgars.

The fact is that from January 8, 2019 to August 2020, Edgars made deductions for unauthorized subscriptions when I discovered such deductions. I then requested a cancellation and refund of my entire deduction. After several attempts, Edgars cancelled the subscriptions, but nothing. In today`s competitive legal landscape, it is impossible to succeed without a good reputation. Scorpion helps you stand out from other businesses in your area by providing tools to get positive reviews, improve your search engine rankings, manage your online directory listings, and more. My name is Asraf Daniels ID NO [protected], insurance number 3989617, I need to be explained why my rights in this case cannot be defended against unlawful arrest and detention I called the call center about my illegal arrest and detention and asked to hire a lawyer for a civil action against the Southern Police, after which the legal department told me, that Scorpion Legal does not cover such cases, which are the subject of your complaint, to state that Scorpion Legal will fight against illegal arrest and detention, now that this has happened to me in relation to my rights, I am told that my policy does not cover issues in this regard. File number 1174592 policy number 3029049 I was assigned to a lawyer for my case, in which the lawyer only participated twice. My case has been set for 19/05/2022 and today is 18/05/2022 I called my lawyer today and she informs me that she withdrew from my case because Scorpio did not pay her.

Scorpio or my lawyer didn`t feel I needed to be informed. For about 5 years, I have been paying my premiums in full every month. I know that Scorpio will not contact me even after receiving it. I filed a complaint with Scorpion Legal in May 2022 and was assigned to a lawyer at the KZN branch. We are now almost the end of August and still nothing of them, the company is very fast and punctual in debiting monthly premiums, but cannot be there when legal assistance is needed. Employees are quick to defend themselves when you complain about them and their poor execution/service delivery. There is no direct email for the lawyer who is supposed to help me, I am constantly answered by a machine every time I send an email, and their lines are never answered when you call them. The company has let me down as a customer, what do we pay them for if they can`t help when they`re needed. A website is crucial for any business, but especially for law firms. Potential customers need a place to figure out what kind of services you offer and who you can help, and instead of keeping office assistants on the phone all day to answer these types of questions, the site does it for you. Dear Sir or Madam, My [protected] Kagiso Modisadife identification number, I have fully noticed that when it comes to the provision of services, Scorpio does not perform its tasks to their satisfaction 1. I always followed up on all the cases I reported and was assured with these empty promises that the property damage case had been reported and promised to me.

My mother can not be resolved after 3 years in the struggle to get rid of, there is a court order in this case where I have to get the money. After a long time, they replied on April 22 that they were waiting for the High Court to issue the execution order. I try to contact them without answer, case 2886927, ref 268710. Say goodbye to the days when you spent hours and thousands of dollars creating online advertising campaigns just to get low-quality leads. Scorpion`s AI-based technology targets the desired customers and automatically focuses your budget on the channels that deliver the best results. Plus, our dashboard gives you instant access to campaign performance, in real time. Matthew Drexler realized that his company had the potential to attract better cases, but also that he needed a partner who could help him improve his marketing strategy. Find out how Matthew got more with Scorpio than he expected. A solid content library increases your company`s confidence as an authority in your field and creates confidence in your capabilities among interested customers. Start by creating a content calendar and assemble what you want to publish and when. Organization is the key to not feeling overwhelmed and staying on track and consistent. At Scorpion, we strive to treat our members fairly and do not tolerate any fraudulent behavior.

If a Scorpion employee has acted fraudulently or dishonestly, you may report such fraud anonymously. The Insurance Fraudline is an independent and objective service provider specializing in the processing of protection notices.