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Expert legal advice to protect your investment in residential and commercial real estate transactions Get an overview of legal fees and streamline the billing process. The newfound predictability and ability to quantify legal work open up valuable opportunities. Track the health of your legal department with a robust set of reports. A comprehensive view of vendor spend, operations, and performance provides actionable insights. The most comprehensive collection of articles, guides, templates and videos to inspire and streamline your legal operations. SimpleLegal facilitates the complexity of your legal transactions. There`s a simple reason why we`re the #1 solution preferred by today`s legal departments. Our diverse team serves as an extension of your business, supporting you with all your legal, business and real estate needs. We have been providing professional and quality work since 2009 and can be sure that you have a team of experts to protect your interests and solve your business. Long-term relationships are formed, because when your needs change, we are there to take on the task. We speak Spanish and Portuguese. Get to know us.

Apply blockchain technology to your investment portfolio or real business with expert legal advice Discover the intuitive Legal Ops solution that enables easy scaling without compromise. If you`re busy running your business or planning your next investment, you want your legal team to be proactive, creative, and efficient. SimplyLegal is a non-traditional law firm dedicated to minimizing your legal risks while maximizing your return on investment. As a fixed-rate, subscription-based law firm, we understand that cost predictability is critical to profitability. We build customer trust by prioritizing customer satisfaction and providing a service we are proud of. Growth and expansion are intentional and time-consuming. The first phase of growth is done through turmoil, sales in the market, and there is practically no time or budget for the structure of the company. The store is in reactive mode.

We created our legal subscription plans to move our clients from reactive to proactive by appointing a team to build the structure for the next phase of business growth. Stop putting out fires that slow down your business! Add our team as your legal department to focus on what you do best for your business! Hundreds of businesses rely on SimpleLegal`s intelligent Legal Ops solution to manage their business, expenses, vendors, documents, reports and more. This guide explains why legal structures are important, the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation, a summary of unregistered and registered legal forms, forms of organization, ownership, and non-profit status. Bring clarity to the topic lifecycle and track everything from internal and external affairs, from impact and complexity to practice, documents, tasks and more. Since our priority is to build a relationship with our customers and be part of their growth, we have a very high level of customer satisfaction. In the rare event that our customers are not satisfied with our services, we offer a 100% money back guarantee! Call us to schedule a growth strategy meeting at (305) 930-8470 Where does this information come from? Most of the information on this page comes from the Solicitors Regulation Authority. However, some information may have been processed directly by the professional, the company or its representative. Learn more. Drive product adoption with an intuitive solution for in-house and law firms. Start saving.

Please let us know the purpose of your request and briefly explain the assistance you need. Enter your name and email address, and then click Send Request. A copy of your application will also be sent to the Law Society for monitoring. Our company is run as a responsible company with policies and procedures, financial controls and constant reviews. This allows us to provide a great work product, fantastic customer experience and no additional costs as we know our cost of goods sold. What does this mean for our customers? Fair prices with ADDED VALUE INTEGRATED INTO OUR SERVICES. Bridge communication gaps across departments and become a strategic asset to your business with insights from SimpleLegal`s intelligent reporting and AI-powered capabilities. A legal advisor guides you through the strategies for growing and expanding your business transactions ⚠ Report abuse To notify the Law Society of any inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our Contact Us page. Use data to objectively assess the performance of suppliers and law firms.

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